Arturo Quintero

Caracas, Venezuela

We have always been told that the universe is full of mystery. The fact is, however, that it is always open, right there before our eyes, therefore, nothing is hidden. It is amazing how research about the universe is linked to a geometric model or element that is incessantly repeated. This has been the subject of inquiry throughout the history of mankind—the Divine Proportion or Golden Rule being probably one of the most frequently mentioned.

I do realize that it is not easy to understand what is there before our eyes if we are not familiar with the mathematical language. Without this knowledge, we are walking in darkness. The starting point, the origin of my artistic proposition, is rooted in Plato’s philosophical ideas, mainly the five perfect Platonic solids, which led to the Archimedean regular and dual solids, among others.

Through my work, I seek to engage viewers with the logic of geometric inquiry, to arouse their sensibilities and to connect them with the origin of my artistic creations. I realize my artistic discourse by using the repetition and progression of an abstract value, adapting it perfectly and constantly to a universal plane which, when viewed in detail, captivates you with the apparently random light shifts, sinuous shadows, harmonious colors and rhythmic movements. The conjunction of all these factors triggers that wonderful moment when viewers discover the geometric principles and−what is more−the universe, before their eyes. It is then that I achieve my artistic intention.

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