Arthur Stern

Benicia, California, USA

I’ve always had an eye for geometry, and early on easily developed skills using drafting tools prior to studying Architecture and then Environmental Design. I’m best known for site-specific public art primarily in glass, metal and wood, but I also create autonomous pieces: paintings on board, mixed media works on paper, sculpture and screens. I utilize the latest in glass technology as well as more traditional techniques.

Over the years I have developed and continue to refine a personal abstract language that I use for improvisation, much like a jazz musician. I am drawn to creating a precarious balance between order and chaos in my work. A piece might have what appears to be a more rigid overall structure, but upon closer inspection comes alive with the micro-details, much like an improvised melody in music played over a repeating series of chord changes. Glass is an amazing material, alive with the light and always changing, which brings its own special qualities to my work. I paint with light.

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