Antonia Guzman

Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I paint since I have the use of reason. My favorite media are watercolor on handmade cotton paper and acrylic on canvas, but I do not rule out other less “traditional” media. Currently I am engaged in a land art project called “Echoes of Oma South” in which I paint with water-based paints on the bark of groups of trees that are in danger of being cut down in order to make these forests works of art and draw attention to deforestation.

I have been slowly stripping my work of figurative images, attracted by the simplicity and the synthesis of  Latin American Constructivism. My works are metaphors of situations and real stories—like hermetic languages to be decoded. Each element plays a grammatical role as in written language.

My works are not flat; I need to play by means of illusory shadows, making planes and geometric figures advance or recede as they are functional to the composition.

While line forms the network on which my work is based, it is color that gives it life.

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