Anne Krinsky

London, UK

I find inspiration in the geometry of architecture and the built environment, Islamic pattern and traditional textiles. I am interested both in the geometric regularity of repeated pattern and in its disruption. The grid provides a structure, something to work with—or against. My use of geometry is intimately intertwined with the physical processes of making the work.

My 2014-2015 paintings are inspired by Phulkari embroideries from the Punjab that I saw in the collection of the Delhi Craft Museum. The diagonal grids, diamond patterns and brilliant marigolds and reds that characterize these textiles are the starting point for my Phulkari series on Khadi papers and panel. I have layered molding pastes, pumice gels and absorbent grounds to build weathered surfaces which anchor or disperse floating networks of lines.

I printed the Edible Colour monoprints on the etching press from lasercut plastic plates. Some of the plates have ovals or circles cut out from them; others are scored with linear grids. Printing multiple plates to make each print, I have repeatedly reconfigured these grids to generate many possible geometries.

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