Angela Leach

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When I came to the realization that the focus of my attention would be directed toward geometric abstraction, I developed a penchant for setting limitations and writing copious notes. The dilemma of painting begins with the development of visual identity or visual language. To establish my visual identity, I set down some rules and listed the materials needed to achieve this visual language. I mixed and named 32 colors, which I have been committed to for nearly ten years. I chose a certain proportion of measurement, which is determined through scale in relation to size of the paintings surface, in which to draw the grid. The grid consists of the cross section of two curved lines bringing visual impact to a maximum, automatically producing an “Op art” effect. The implementation of conditions, brought forth through grid design, chosen color group and order, is essential to the aesthetic quality of the painting. The act of painting serves to fulfill the terms of planning; a function that is purely mechanical, thus forming the aesthetic for the Abstract Repeat series of paintings.

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