Alexander Couwenberg

Los Angeles, California, USA

My paintings are a product of my obsession over process. Applying paint to a surface and the experiences and techniques that occur in creating an image are the purest form of motivation. The inspiration for my work is an appreciation for the paint, pinstriping, and finish associated with hot rod and car culture. Mid-century design, Geometric and Hard-edge Abstraction and a love of craft and technique fuel the work as well.

The paintings diagram the process of paint application and the interpretation of how these influences manifest themselves in the form of color, shape, texture and space. Each painting becomes an experience of constantly juxtaposing elements and forms within a composition, attempting to arrive at a relationship among balance, tension, and harmony. The ideas of geometry and the placement of forms within a picture plane are crucial in the picture-making process and expose themselves in the form of hard edge compositions that suggest a complete and precise control of both medium and image.

I am heavily influenced by history and the figures associated with Geometric and Hard-edge Abstraction. Being conscious of what I bring to the table and how these actions speak in a voice that contributes to the dialogue of contemporary painting are an extremely important part of my work as an artist.

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