Douglas Witmer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

A painting is not a statement. It is the evidence of painting.

Painting is a relationship. The relationship is ongoing. To paint is an act of devotion in the relationship.

I want to believe that in the relationship of painting, the act of painting is its own reward.

I want to believe that the relationship of painting, when one devotes oneself to it, extends beyond the boundaries of a painting, however indefinite or unmeasureable this extension may seem to be.

I want to believe that the relationship of painting values inquiry over conclusion.

To attempt to be conclusive in painting is to attempt to make paintings that are, in effect, statements.

Attempting to make a statement with a painting undermines the idea that painting is a relationship.

These words are a statement and they are not painting.


My intention is for people to use my work as visual situations for contemplation and pleasure. Geometric imagery has throughout the ages been a format for human contemplation.

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