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Macyn Bolt

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Wendy Kelly

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Julian Jackson

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Milija Belic

Paris, France

David Collins

New York, New York, USA

Antonia Guzman

Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marjorie Mikasen

Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Sara Carter

Bay Area, California, USA

Richard Purdy

New York, New York, USA

Sonia Burel

Paris, France

Nancy Natale

Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA

David Carlson

Arlington, Virginia, USA

Douglas Witmer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Peter McClure

Hartlepool, United Kingdom

Stephanie Weber

Berkeley, California, USA

Featured Artists

My work is a hinge between artist and audience. The pieces are invitations to be involved. One enters the work through the visual stimulation of color and systematic rationale of geometric structure.

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Ideas for my paintings are hatched in small colored pencil drawings. When I begin, the process is like automatic drawing, only in slow motion. The pictures come to me from a preverbal or perhaps nonverbal part of my brain. Maybe it’s partially a subconscious place, one of long deferred memories.

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Interviews (5 newest interviews followed by a random selection)

Dan Ramirez

Madison, Wisconsin, USA
June, 2014

Thornton Willis

New York, New York, USA
September, 2013


New York, New York, USA
February, 2013

Ed Mieczkowski

Huntington Beach, California, USA
November, 2012

Julian Stanczak

Seven Hills, Ohio, USA
May, 2012

W.C. Richardson

University Park, Maryland, USA
June, 2007

Liz Coats

Wanganui, New Zealand, Australia
September, 2006

Burton Kramer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
July, 2005

Vincent Longo

New York, New York, USA
February, 2008

William Conger

Chicago, Illinois, USA
January, 2008

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