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Malene Landgreen

Copenhagen, Denmark

John Hiigli

New York, New York, USA

Beti Bricelj

Postojna, Slovenia

Gabriela Boer

La Plata, Argentina

András Mengyán

Budapest, Hungary

Cheryl Goldsleger

Athens, Georgia, USA

Joan Waltemath

New York, New York, USA

Larry Spaid

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Siri Berg

New York, New York, USA

Gudrun Pagter

Egtved, Denmark

Beti Bricelj

Postojna, Slovenia

Gonçalo Ivo

Paris, France

Luc Hoekx

Mol, Belgium

Clint Jukkala

New Haven, Connecticut, USA

John Pittman

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Interviews (5 newest interviews followed by a random selection)

Dan Ramirez

Madison, Wisconsin, USA
June, 2014

Thornton Willis

New York, New York, USA
September, 2013


New York, New York, USA
February, 2013

Ed Mieczkowski

Huntington Beach, California, USA
November, 2012

Julian Stanczak

Seven Hills, Ohio, USA
May, 2012

Timothy App

Baltimore, Maryland, USA
November, 2006

Robert Straight

Wilmington, Deleware, USA
August, 2006

Andrew Christofides

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
September, 2008

Grace DeGennaro

Yarmouth, Maine, USA
December, 2007

Mark Brown

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
February, 2006

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Vibration created by the kinetic resonance of the “Sonic Network” series occupies a sensory dimension, which exists between sound and vision. This interdisciplinary approach has a correlation with music, mathematics and science.

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The paintings and drawings I make are composed of meticulously placed repeated lines. The lines reveal geometric shapes and patterns. Repeatedly using a single unit, a straight line, displays the infinite possibilities of a synchronized effort.

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