Artists (5 newest artists followed by a random selection)

Jeanne Heifetz

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Jürgen Paas

Essen, Germany

Rita Ernst

Zürich, Switzerland

Dennis Beach

Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Hanne Helms

Copenhagen, Denmark

Nicholas Bodde

Bremen, Germany

Steve Karlik

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Mark Wilson

West Cornwall, Connecticut, USA

Mark Dagley

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Maggie Tennesen

Sky Valley, California, USA

Árpád Forgó

Budapest, Hungary

Blaise DeLong

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Michel Bugaud

Ailhon, France

Louise Sloane

Kings Point, New York, USA

Larry Spaid

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Interviews ( a random selection )

Vincent Longo

New York, New York, USA
February, 2008

Laurie Fendrich

New York, New York , USA
April, 2007

Gary Petersen

New York, New York, USA
April, 2010

C. Morey de Morand

London, United Kingdom
January, 2006

Karl Benjamin

Claremont, California, USA
May, 2008

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