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John Hiigli

New York, New York, USA

Beti Bricelj

Postojna, Slovenia

Gabriela Boer

La Plata, Argentina

András Mengyán

Budapest, Hungary

Audrey Stone

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Per Formo

Trondheim, Norway

Rose Olson

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Carlos Estrada-Vega

Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

Roger Bensasson

Bagnolet, France

Viktor Hulík

Bratislava, Slovakia

Lesley Dumbrell

Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria, Australia

Margarete Bagshaw

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Amber Brookman

San Francisco, California, USA

Laurie Fendrich

New York, New York, USA

Margreeth Oosterhof

Velp, Gelderland, The Netherlands

Interviews (5 newest interviews followed by a random selection)

Dan Ramirez

Madison, Wisconsin, USA
June, 2014

Thornton Willis

New York, New York, USA
September, 2013


New York, New York, USA
February, 2013

Ed Mieczkowski

Huntington Beach, California, USA
November, 2012

Julian Stanczak

Seven Hills, Ohio, USA
May, 2012

Harvey Daniels

Brighton, United Kingdom
May, 2010

Marko Spalatin

Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, USA
December, 2007


New York, New York, USA
February, 2013

Mark L. Emerson

Sacramento, California, USA
September, 2010

Laurie Fendrich

New York City, New York , USA
April, 2007

Featured Artists

My paintings are non-objective, created from a longing for something universal, for something that compels people and evokes a certain sense of recognition.

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My current project is to continue to work with numbers as a point of departure for as long as this approach brings meaning to my pictorial process.

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