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David Wallage

Melbourne, Australia

Joël Besse

Paris, France

Betty Cleeland

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Gary Stephan

New York City, New York, USA

Stephen Giannetti

Davis, California, USA

Amy Ellingson

San Francisco, California, USA

Antonia Guzman

Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Salvatore Federico

New York, New York, USA

Natacha Caland

Strasbourg, France

Liliana Iturriaga

Santiago, Chile

Deborah Batt

London, United Kingdom

Susan Buret

Burrawang, NSW, Australia

Jeanne Williamson

Natick, Massachusetts, USA

Elena Kevorkian

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rachel Hellmann

Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

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I seek the essence, the spirit through the fourth dimension that exists in space-time, and in the feeling of space that one experiences before the timeless image of a work of art. Working with geometric coordinates, I consciously abandon plastic elements that I consider superfluous details in order to arrive at the essential.

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My work investigates the impact of contemporary architecture and urban space on contemporary geometric abstract painting. I have observed that reflection and spatial warping, including the experience of disorientation, are frequently experienced in contemporary cities on a daily basis.

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Interviews ( a random selection )

June Harwood

Studio City, California, USA
January, 2011

Bruce Pollock

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
February, 2009

Gail Gregg

New York, New York , USA
July, 2006

Laurie Fendrich

New York, New York , USA
April, 2007

Karl Benjamin

Claremont, California, USA
May, 2008

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